Saturday, July 12, 2008

Volkswagen & Nissan

Here’s an interesting situation: The ad above belongs to Volkswagen Polo and the slogan is “Small but tough”. It really is, isn’t it? Look how it protects all the policemen. Everything is OK so far. Now, what about the other one below? It is a Nissan ad which gives a message such as “The car is so important that we have to protect it!” You see, this is the creativity; creating an opportunity!

A very good juxtapose: "Access to water" ad...

This is a very good ad from a social responsibility campaign of "People In Need". It gives the message of becoming a consumption community and not caring about the others. Effective photos, effective body text, effective ad!

Tastes like a real olive!

Do you think that a print ad have a lot to say? Can’t it be without body text and still effective and creative? Absolutely it can! The advertisement that you see above is one of the best examples of it. Rama, one of the well-known margarine brands, had made this ad without a body text, just with a picture and it still tells a lot. Don’t you think?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Burger King vs. Mc Donalds

Competitive advertisement is not legal in every country but it is in the USA. Here's a good example which shows the competition between Burger King and Mc Donalds. Trying to cover his body with a trench coat, Mr. Mc Donalds prefers to go to Burger King. But sorry, we've got you Mr!

Life is too short for the wrong job!

An advertisement example from a human resources consultancy company. The slogan of the ad is "Life is too short for the wrong job". Showing people inside of a vending machine, working really hard and looking unhappy is a way of reminding the importance of a good job. Look what happends, it gets the attention of the people because everybody cares about their jobs. So, why spend our time with the wrong job instead of finding the appropriate one?

Bestfit for IWC's new wrist watch!

Here's a great example of the usage of alternative channels in advertising from a wrist watch brand called IWC. I believe that these kind of applications are much more creative than the ones in traditional channels. On the other hand, if you think about the budget, you will see the advantage of using alternative channels in advertising. It is effective, creative and and best fit for a wrist watch. With this ad, all of the passingers can try IWC's watches on their wrists, right?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Be careful Spider-Man!

What do you expect from a spider killer? To rescue you from all little spiders that surround you? To push them away from you? To show them the place of the house door?If you are using Raid, you can expect a bit more. Unfortunately, we are sorry for you Spider-Man...

This is the "security glass" of 3M

Can you imagine a glass racket which is full of money in the middle of a downtown? And the money is still safe in that! That should be really wonderful. With 3M's products, it is not impossible or they say so. In this ad, 3M shows us the efficiency of the glass and it's a good and humorous way of emphasing it. Really, what a glass!

Mavi Jeans enters the www world!

This is the ad of Mavi Jeans, Turkey's leading denim brand, when Mavi first enter the www world. Besides their high quality products, Mavi has known as a stylish brand in many countries including the USA. They are on the side of creating different and creative commercials. With this simple but effective ad, I believe that Mavi shows its creative point of view, doesn't it?