Friday, July 11, 2008

Bestfit for IWC's new wrist watch!

Here's a great example of the usage of alternative channels in advertising from a wrist watch brand called IWC. I believe that these kind of applications are much more creative than the ones in traditional channels. On the other hand, if you think about the budget, you will see the advantage of using alternative channels in advertising. It is effective, creative and and best fit for a wrist watch. With this ad, all of the passingers can try IWC's watches on their wrists, right?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the creative channel, but I think that IWC made a mistake, because of the target.
As IWC is a luxury watch, I don't think that the people who can afford it, take the bus!
What's your opinion?

Kubra said...

Yes, you're exactly right for the target group. I was just trying to show the application side's success because it is a clever idea I think.

Becky Carroll said...

It is a clever idea, but I do agree that it might be missing the target market.

Great conversation, students!

Kubra said...

By the way, maybe they wanted everyone to try IWC's watches even one time in their life, can't it be? :)))

azim jiwani said...

I think this is a very cost saving method to promote your brand and is very creative as far as advertising is concerned. Also on the strap they mentioned "Try It Here", so they defintely might be knowing their target market which here is middle class.